Swing Holiday Caravan 
Sprite Swing South Africa and her surrounding neighbours offer an abundance of holiday destinations to be enjoyed by couples or the entire family... usually at a cost beyond the reach of an average income earning family... unless however you enjoy camping, and what is more cost effective than renting a Swing Holiday Caravan which caters for two adults and two children comfortably.... This little darling also comes packed with all those non-consumable items you need to enjoy that ‘home away from home’ comfort.

An average family car can easily tow the Swing Caravan, however if you aren’t sureSprite Swing about the safety factors, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.

So, why would you want to rent a caravan... well, the amount of money you save... of course!
The capital investment is just a small part of buying a caravan... then there is storage and insurance cost... plus maintenance and upkeep... and of course the cleaning... before, during and after your holiday... and during times when you are just storing.

Xplorer Off-Road Caravan 
Xplorer off Road Caravan

If you love camping and your husband doesn’t... or if you like pushing your 4x4 through the most extreme conditions, and your wife loves her home comforts more... or the kids just want to take their technology where ever you decide you want to go on your next holiday, then... The Xplorer Off-Road Caravan is the enticement you need to tempt anyone to go with you on your next off-road 4x4 adventure!

Even Granny... We know from experience!

Whilst the purchase cost of a little indulgence like this could very well equal the cost of your home, the Xplorer Caravan for hire, at an affordable price... especially if you want to go where no other caravan can go. But once you get there you want it all. The peace and quiet, the wildness and the comfort. Fridge, freezer, 12 volt eleXplorer off Road Caravanctric lights, hot and cold running water in the shower/cloakroom, and all the other comforts of home – not least of all a big and comfortable king-size bed. (Yeah, you read it right the first time “A Comfortable KING-SIZE Bed”).

It’s tough, it’s safe and it has been tested in the worst conditions... by the military!

So you know it’s up to standard if it survived those guys!


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